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Bodhisattva Practice
Chapter 9

Once you have discovered whether what we are saying is true, in other words, once you have chanted Namu-myoho-renge-kyo, studied the teachings of Nichiren, changed your karma and attained enlightenment through your Buddhist practice, then teaching others about it in order to free them from the lower worlds of the ten worlds is the most compassionate thing you could do for them. Some people are against discussing religion with others. However, if you know something that truly works, wouldn’t it be cruel to keep it from others who need it? While most people are against discussing politics, too, if you discovered that a leading presidential candidate was secretly planning nuclear war, wouldn’t you tell everyone you knew? The same is true with this religion. Once you see the amazing results of this practice in your own life, you will naturally try to teach it to others whom you care about.

In addition, to teach even one person how to become absolutely happy is the greatest pleasure that one can receive in life. Together, we can all make a profound impact on the world while developing an unshakable vivacity, Buddhahood, within ourselves as individuals.


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